Friday, January 2, 2009

Mighty Mouse Has Fallen and He Can't Get Up

So, this Christmas I received a number of gift cards and decided that since my laptop spends a lot of time connected to my TV while I stream netflix, I should get a wireless keyboard and mouse. Looking around I decided on getting an Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse. (And yeah, they are over priced... and yeah Steve Jobs is the devil. Whatever.)

Anyway, they arrived today, and all was happy. I was playing with Boxee, and watching various TV shows when nature called. So, without thinking, I got up from my recliner and my new Mighty Mouse was catapulted across the room. This was of course endlessly entertaining to my cat, and very frustrating to me. The mouse looked fine, but it would no longer turn on! "Gah," I thought, "this does not bode well...

So, I searched around and found nothing. So, I looked at the mighty mouse and noticed that the slider that covers the mouse's lens (which turns the mouse off) has a bit of metal connected to it. Under, the metal is a little button that if I pressed it would turn the mouse on. Further, I noticed that the metal was folded back on itself right near the lens cover. Clearly, from looking at it, I could see that when the lens cover is in the "on" position, it is supposed to drive the metal down into the button and turn the mouse on. However, due to the fall the metal had folded back on itself. So, being brave and figuring that if it failed I could get a cheaper bluetooth mouse, I took a knife and bent the end of the metal back into a position that would push the button down.

And it worked! The mouse turns both on and off, although it does take a little more pressure when to do so.

So, if you dropped your mighty mouse and it stopped working this MAY work for you. However, I don't recommend it as it may void your warranty, steal your children or cause radioactive mutants to setup a workshop in your basement. You best bet is to talk to the store you bought it from or to Apple directly. However, if you are impaitent and want to give it a shot leave a comment and tell me how it worked for you.