Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 2 -- Caernafron to Porthmadog

So I haven't posted in a few days since I've not had much in the way of internet access.

Some things I've learned: if you are ever offered a beer called Strongbow... don't take it. Its an IPA with about 20 tbls of sugar added! Welsh Smooth and Brains Smooth are good though.

The people here are very friendly and always interested in what we are doing. However, when they say "hill" that is a big hill to an American from the east coast. When they say "big hill" they mean basically a mountain... and when they say mountain... well, lets just say that my legs formed a committee to figure out how to secede from the rest of my body.

The trip from Porthmadog was breath-taking. Other than rain, there was not much to report this day. There was "the sheep farm hill" (not to be confused with the sheep hill of death which comes later), a steep and I mean STEEP hill that dumped us out into a working sheep farm... so we couldn't even enjoy our sense of victory due to the smell. (It was by FAR the steepest hill I've ever successfully climbed.)

I'm having problems posting pics right now, but as soon as I get that resolved I will post some gorgeous pics from this day.

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