Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 5 -- Macllyneth to Llanidloes

The ride was fairly intense today, mostly due to the wind. There were some steep ascents, local residents call this ride "going over the top." The only real standout incident was that at one point we stopped to sit down and catch our breath because we were going up a very steep incline, against the wind. After realizing that stopping just made us cold, Alice stood up and was literally knocked back down by the wind!

Today were at the highest point of our trek, or at least would be if we'd following the directions correctly on day 3.

In Llanidoles, we met Richard and Alison, a very nice couple who invited us into their home for tea and biscuits. Richard had researched his family back 200 years and they had all lived in the area. He currently resides at the Old Roundhouse, or what we would call the Old Jailhouse which was built in the either the 1600 or 1700 to deal with the influx of Chartist related arrests. (Llanidloes was a center of both Non-conformist and Chartist movements in Wales.)

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