Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 8 -- Brecon to Cardiff

The last day was both the easiest and the hardest. We started by climbing the Brecon Beacons and heading into the Valleys, the most populous region of Wales. By this point, the 1200 foot ascent seemed like nothing until the last 100 or so feet where we had to dodge some construction equipment.

After the peak there was some good trail riding, and all seemed happy. Suddenly, there was pavement under our wheels and we were both disappointed that it looked like the trail was going to end. We where wrong, shortly after the pavement started, we were going down what seemed like a 45 degree hill. It was so steep, it really felt like we would flip over our handle bars at any moment. It was gorgeous though, with a waterfall to the right, and old trees all around. Then we looked down and realized that the path took a sudden left hand turn. So slamming on the brakes, we took the 90 degree left hand turn, followed by an immediate 120 degree right hand turn, over a bridge and then up an equally steep hill. It appears that the pavement was there as a safety precaution.. if it had been a normal trail, we would have either been thrown from our bikes or fallen into the river (about a 10-20 foot drop). We named this the Bridge of Death.

After the trail riding, we were assured that it was "all down hill from here" both by the card, and by several people we talked to. Of course "all down hill" just means 'no more mountains' because we still hit plenty of decent hills from the top of the Beacons all the way into Cardiff.

Once we were in Cardiff, there was some getting lost and what was supposed to be a 54 mile ride turned into a 60. We finally dragged ourselves to the bed and breafast, showered and headed out to find Roald Dahl Plas, also known to Torchwood fans as "The Hub."

What appeared to be a short walk on the map ended up being about 5 miles, but we not only got our picture at the end of route 8 (the trail we'd followed from Holyhead), but we also got some pics from the Plas and some good thai food while we were at it.

Then we had to get back to the B&B, walked about half way and gave up and got a taxi.

Day 8 Pics

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